“Jewish” Gym to Celebrate 2nd Anniversary in West Atlanta

“Jewish” Gym to Celebrate 2nd Anniversary in West Atlanta


My name is Shane Jarmin and I own a gym with my brother Joshua in the growing West Midtown area of Atlanta. My older brother Josh and I opened our facility almost two years ago. Our two year anniversary party/rebrand launch party will be held on May 15.

Currently our gym is called The Bar Fitness, but will be changing to Blueprint Fitness. There are many reasons why we are changing the name, but mostly it is due to brand confusion. Women hear our name and think we are a Barre style gym while men think we are a Crossfit (we are neither).

Josh and I are two (of three) Jewish brothers who took an unconventional route to where we are now. My brother Josh received his undergrad in teaching from James Madison University and moved to Atlanta soon after. After teaching at two inner-city, Atlanta public-schools and the Torah Day School, his number was called and he did a seven-month tour during operation Iraqi Freedom.

After returning from Iraq, Josh decided to pursue a career in fitness (another one of his passions). I, myself, played football at University of Central Florida and attended Georgia Tech Grad School before leaving early to become a Realtor/Investor. After several years as a Real Estate Investor, my brother Josh came to me about starting a gym here in Atlanta. We pooled some money together and with the help of our Mom and oldest brother, opened The Bar Fitness.

Josh ran the gym by himself for a little over a year and last September he came to me and asked me to step in full-time to help out. Since then, we have more than doubled our membership and are getting ready to celebrate our two year anniversary in May!

Below are our before and after pictures. We all played college football and found a healthier lifestyle after.

Josh, Middle Brother Jeremiah, Oldest Brother Shane, Youngest Brother




Our Parents


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