Izzy Maternity Boutique Closes

After 33 years, Izzy Maternity is closing its last location in Buckhead.

Israel Vahaba held a fundraiser on June 28 to celebrate 33 years in business. The proceeds were donated to the Marcus Jewish Community Center of Atlanta.

After providing high fashion maternity wear to the community for 33 years, Izzy Maternity is closing its last location in Buckhead.

“I have been playing the survival game for the longest time, but have gotten to the point where I am now having to put my own money into the business because I couldn’t let go of my baby…But the thing is it is now beyond my control,” said Israeli owner Israel Vahaba.

He also attributes the boutique’s closing to the shift in his customers’ average age. “It’s a new generation, they buy online, buy cheap and don’t take the time to come to the store. But you make money when you sell a wardrobe, show people your salesmanship and explore the customer’s needs. All you need is two to three customers a day and it is wonderful, and for the longest time it was, but I just got to the point where it wasn’t worth that much energy for so little in return,” he said.

In the interim, Vahaba is considering providing fashion consulting when, and if, needed.

Vahaba says he has received numerous comments from customers on the boutique’s Facebook page after he announced Izzy’s closing, and is thankful for the outpouring of support. “The past few years have been wonderful for me and I will miss them terribly, but as much as I enjoyed them, it is now becoming a strain for me. It’s a shame and I can’t blame any one person in particular except the change in the fashion industry.”

A young customer carries one of Izzy Maternity’s bags during a fundraiser the clothing boutique hosted in June.
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