Innovators: Rabbi Patrick Aleph Beaulier

Innovators: Rabbi Patrick Aleph Beaulier

Rabbi Patrick Aleph Beaulier
Rabbi Patrick Aleph Beaulier

Rabbi Patrick Aleph Beaulierexecutive director and founder, PunkTorah

PunkTorah spreads Judaism’s online presence and accessibility. In addition to a blog, PunkTorah has two online distribution platforms for Jewish media, one of which is OneShul. OneShul offers lay-led minyanim, classes, and holiday services via live-streamed video and provides an online prayer wall and yahrzeit wall.

PunkTorah also manages Darshan Yeshiva, an online school to train lay spiritual leaders and provide education about conversion.

PunkTorah began as a spinoff of Rabbi Beaulier’s YouTube channel, on which he answered Jewish questions. When he began to get messages inquiring about the PunkTorah community, Rabbi Beaulier felt it was time for a website. Drawing on the input and creative talent of his fans, he launched PunkTorah in 2009.

By creating a range of online platforms dedicated to making Judaism accessible, Rabbi Beaulier has shaped a new Jewish community suited to evolving technologies and a changing cultural context.

“Our ethos has always been about the outsider, about the person who doesn’t feel like they fit in,” he said.

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