In the City Camp: It’s a 5778 Puzzlement
Rosh Hashanah

In the City Camp: It’s a 5778 Puzzlement

Can you find all the words in this Rosh Hashanah-themed word search?

Dear Atlanta’s Jewish kids (and adults who are kids at heart),

It’s time for the Hebrew word of the (holi)day! See what we did there?

Find the 10 Rosh Hashanah-themed Hebrew words listed below and learn what they mean. You’ll be the hit of your holiday meal when you ask for a tapuach (apple) to dip in debash (honey).

Shana tova (happy new year) from your friends at In the City Camp!

In the City Camp ( is a culturally Jewish Atlanta day camp that creates lifelong friendships, nurtures personal growth and inspires a meaningful connection to Atlanta’s diverse Jewish community.

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