Hemshech Gathers for Holiday Happening

Hemshech Gathers for Holiday Happening


The last day of Chanukah turned out to be the perfect time for members of Eternal Life Hemshech to get together to celebrate the holiday.

Herbert Kohn was among the guests attending recent Chanukah party sponsored by Eternal Life Hemshech. PHOTO / Gary Feinberg

The organization, formed in the 1960s, is made up of Holocaust survivors, their descendants and people dedicated to remembering and honoring the six million Jews murdered by the Nazis during World War II.

“We do plenty of things around the community,” said Karen Edlin, Hemshech president. “But it’s nice to get together for social gatherings around this time of year.”

And that’s exactly what they did over the weekend.

About 100 people ignored gray skies and a rainy morning and afternoon to make their way to the Selig Center in Midtown Atlanta last Sunday, Dec. 16. They stayed busy schmoozing with one another, having lunch and listening to the oh-so cool sounds offered up by Oy Klezmer, a local band specializing in the soulful and energetic music of Eastern Europe.

“Survivors don’t see one another that much,” Edlin said, “and this is a great opportunity for them to get together.”

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