GreenSky Targets $23 Share Price

GreenSky Targets $23 Share Price

The Sandy Springs-based online lender could raise $900 million with its initial stock sale.

GreenSky CEO David Zalik
GreenSky CEO David Zalik

Sandy Springs-based, Jewish-led financial technology business GreenSky could raise almost $902 million through its initial public offering, according to an updated S-1 form it filed with the federal Securities and Exchange Commission on Monday, May 14.

According to the filing, GreenSky Inc. intends to issue 34,090,909 shares of stock — with an additional 5,113,636 shares available to the underwriters if they choose to exercise their options within 30 days of the offering — at a price expected to be between $21 and $23 per share. If all 39,204,545 shares are sold at $23 each, the total sales price will be $901.7 million, just shy of the $1 billion estimate issued by analyst firm Renaissance Capital after GreenSky’s initial filing April 27. Without the underwriter options, the total offering will still be above $700 million if the stock hits its target range.

The Wall Street Journal reported that the market value for GreenSky, if the stock goes for $22 a share, would be $4.2 billion, up from a $3.6 billion valuation when it accepted a $35 million investment in September 2016.

GreenSky had set $100 million as an estimate for the stock sale as a placeholder in that April filing.

GreenSky’s founder and CEO is Sandy Springs resident and Jewish community member David Zalik, an Israeli native who grew up in Alabama and has been a serial entrepreneur since he was a teenager attending Auburn University. He still owns about half the company, which makes quick-decision online loans for people contracting for home improvement projects, optional medical care, veterinary surgery and other purchases that force consumers to take on debt.

At that $22 price, GreenSky expects net proceeds of $701.4 million ($807.1 million if the underwriters exercise their options), with the most of that money being used to buy shares in GreenSky Holdings, which manages the actual lending business, from Zalik, other officers and directors, and other investors. GreenSky Inc. will be a holding company wholly invested in GreenSky Holdings.

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