‘Go-Go Boys’: Chuck Norris Says Go

‘Go-Go Boys’: Chuck Norris Says Go

If you, like me, are part of Generation X, you likely can thank Menachem Golan and Yoram Globus for some of the fun memories of your youth.

Golan and Globus, the Israeli filmmakers behind Cannon Films and the title of “The Go-Go Boys,” gave Chuck Norris (“Invasion USA,” “Delta Force,” “MIA”), Jean-Claude Van Damme (“Bloodsport”) and Charles Bronson (the “Death Wish” franchise) some of their most memorable roles. They worked with some Jewish directors and inspired others. They brought the Israeli film industry to the world’s attention, and for a brief period they dominated Cannes.

When they were at their peak, you knew what you were getting with a Golan-Globus movie: a lot of action, a bit of violence (though usually not gore), a truly evil villain and a triumphant hero. Even though their real-life script didn’t follow their on-screen story lines, enough of the joy they brought to entertaining the masses carries over to “The Go-Go Boys” to make it a fun trip down memory lane.

Sadly, Golan died between the time the film wrapped and its release, and it’s odd and unfortunate that this documentary doesn’t say something about his death. But it’s still a fun way to spend a couple of hours at the movies.

(Tickets remain for the Feb. 11 screening at Lefont Sandy Springs; ajff.org/film/go-go-boys.)

— Michael Jacobs

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