Bureau Agents Take Center Stage at GHA

Bureau Agents Take Center Stage at GHA


GBI Special Agents David Norman (left) and Agie George meet with students at GHA to detail the work they do as investigators.
GBI Special Agents David Norman (left) and Agie George meet with students at GHA to detail the work they do as investigators.


The Greenfield Hebrew Academy’s new electives program is bringing a lot of excitement to the school, in more ways than anyone expected.

For example, the Forensic Science class invited the school’s Mock Trial class to join them in hosting two Georgia Buereau of Investigation Special Agents, Agie George and David Norman.

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George, who works in drug enforcement, and Norman, who is a crime scene specialist, discussed the history of the GBI, then explained the requirements to become an agent.

Requirements begin with a bachelor’s degree and include many kinds of training, such as martial arts.

Students learned that the GBI usually becomes involved in a case at the request of local police, judges and other government officials. George and Norman then explained the functions of various GBI departments, and described several interesting and famous cases they worked in the past.

The agents also displayed a bewildering array of equipment, including bulletproof vests, protective equipment of all shapes and sizes, and enormous protective suits for clearing out homes that had been used as labs to create illegal drugs.

However, the most exciting part of their presentation was when the students trooped out to a Crime Scene Truck, a mobile laboratory containing everything an agent might need to collect evidence at a crime scene.

It housed a high-tech office with sophisticated lab equipment. Norman explained what everything was, and even demonstrated one procedure by taking sixth-grader Joseph Arbiser’s fingerprints.

“Now they’ve got my fingerprints,” said Joseph, smiling. “If I ever commit a crime, they’ll know who did it!”

It was all very interesting.

“But the best part was seeing inside the truck,” said Eitan Linsider, a student in the Mock Trial class.

Teacher Christina Valenti, who arranged the visit, was delighted that the students enjoyed it so much.

“The presentation was just fascinating,” she said. “Agent George and Agent Norman did a terrific job. I’m grateful that they took so much time to teach our kids about the great work of the GBI.”

Levi Zindler agreed.

“I think that people don’t realize what amazing work they do,” he said. “Without them, we’d have a lot more crime in Atlanta.”


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