What Do You Do When G-d Says No?

What Do You Do When G-d Says No?


By Shlomo Pinkus


The entire world suffered a great loss last week, three boys lost, three families torn, three mothers crying. We hoped, we prayed, we learned, and we cried. We unified together as a nation across many lands and oceans in one single voice shouting to all that would hear, “Please, bring our boys home.” W

As the nation mourns, and the families sit shivah what do we do. How do we understand this great tragedy that has befallen us? The answer is there and we know it, unfortunately, it takes a tragedy to realize, that it has been there all along. G-d’s mercy is true, and G-d’s Judgment is just. Human beings were created in the image of G-d. This means that just as G-d has the ability to change, create, and do good; so too, we were given these capabilities.e essentially asked for a reason, for a bit of understanding. We asked for a glimmer of hope, for a bit of light in the painful unknowing darkness, we asked for salvation from the evils of the world, and we were told no.

Realizing this means understanding that we did not only lose three of our boys, as painful as that is. We lost three weddings, three shabbos tables, and three Jewish homes whose foundations were destroyed before they could be built. And, we lost the future generations that could have been. We have lost all of the good that these children were going to add to the world, all of the mitzvahs, the loving kindness, and the compassion that they were going to use to enlighten the world. We lost a piece of creation, a piece of godliness.

G-d does not always give us what we think we want, but He does always give. When we think we hear a no, we are really feeling a guiding hand, a redirection of the nation; to strengthen us on our path.

That is why during these painful and dark times, it is the time to bring G-d’s light into the world the most. A dark void has been created, a void that can only be filled by the emulation of G-d and his will, bringing his light unto this world and leading the way. So I urge you to come together, all Jews, standing as one. Do good, and help one another, learn Torah, pray, and give tzedakah. Do what you can to fill the void that was created, but do it in their names. Attach the mitzvahs to them so that they can have a part in the mitzvahs that they are no longer able to do.

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