Fond Farewells for 31 TDSA Grads, Others

Fond Farewells for 31 TDSA Grads, Others

Cheers rose and tears fell from an overflow crowd celebrating the graduation of the Torah Day School of Atlanta Class of 2016 at Congregation Beth Jacob’s Heritage Hall on Monday, June 6.

The 31 graduates, who each received the Tanach as well as a diploma, heard Rabbi Joshua Einzig, the outgoing head of school, welcome the crowd and Mike Wien bring greetings from the Jewish Federation of Greater Atlanta. Beth Jacob Rabbi Ilan Feldman reminded the former eighth-graders that they have the strength and foundation to meet the inevitable challenges ahead.

Linda Rabinowitz, the general studies principal, lauded Lisa Stroll’s 19 years of teaching and administration and presented her a farewell gift, and she acknowledged Susan Krohn’s three decades of dedication to the students. Rabinowitz also noted all of Rabbi Einzig’s contributions and willingness to share his knowledge and expertise.

Six graduates shared perspectives on their experiences at the school, and a memories slide show created by Tali Afrah and Yoeli Minkowicz showcased all the graduates. Rabbi Einzig named Eli Golding and Aaron Gerchikov the recipients of the Keter Shem Tov Award from the Torah Communications Network.

Rabbi Einzig reminded the students that their teachers believe in them and have confidence that they will develop in their own ways with their own strengths.

The 2016 graduates are Moshe Adler, Shraga Alterman, Yosef Asa, Tzvi Meir Cavalier, Jahaziel Clemente, Yehuda Deutsch, Amos Diener, Shmuel Estreicher, Pay Feldman, Binyamin Freundlich, Dovid Gelbtuch, Aaron Gerchikov, Gavriel Golan, Eli Golding, Shlomo Goldstrom, Antheny Iskhakov, Yehuda Khalili, Shally Lipszyc, Yoel Minkowicz, Abraham Schoen, Yaakov Shkarofsky, Daniel Warga, Benyamin Zavulunov, Talia Afrah, Nina Barayev, Devorah Berkowitz, Chava Blanks, Leeyah Urielle Lovett, Devorah Russo, Tamar Shoshana Stein and Batya Rivkah Varon.

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