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Flawless is a dramatic story of three unpopular, outcast teenagers in Jerusalem who take serious risks to look “beautiful.” Playing Eden is Stav Strashko, the first transgender woman nominated for Israel’s top acting prize, an Ofir Award. Eden, who is a transgender female in the film, transfers to a new school in the middle of the year and becomes friends with Tigist (Netsanet Mekonnen) and Keshet (Naom Lugasy). 

The film begins with various over-the-top “promposals” and the envy that surrounds them. Tigist and Keshet just want to fit in with the cliques and be as beautiful as the girls who have had work done. They believe this is the key to an extravagant promposal like their peers had. 

Eden hides being transgender even from her friends because she is fearful about people finding out. She just wants to have the surgery her father keeps postponing. There is one problem for all three girls – lack of money. The three will have to come up with lies for their families and travel to Kiev for the surgeries. Will they go through with it? Will they risk everything to fit in? Will they go as far as risking their lives to become what they think is beautiful enough for a promposal? 

The Jerusalem high school is full of cliques, drugs and bullying. It is a real eye-opener to parents with teenagers to show how much pressure is put on these students and to what extremes they will go to just to fit in. 

“Flawless” is much better suited to older audiences as a result of its dramatic themes and strong language. It’s a tale of fitting in while being yourself, overcoming racism and prejudice, and getting through tough situations. It is also an enticing story of friendship and self-discovery and a very informative account of how some kids will go to extremes just to fit in.

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