Fernbank Exhibits AJA 7th-Graders’ Menorahs

Fernbank Exhibits AJA 7th-Graders’ Menorahs

Chanukah menorahs created by Atlanta Jewish Academy seventh-graders are on display at the Fernbank Museum as part of “Winter Wonderland,” an exhibit celebrating cultures, holidays and traditions from around the world.

The students created the chanukiot from recycled and repurposed materials to represent aspects of Jewish culture.

Students Ryan Helland, Paulina Lebowitz, Ethan Rice and Bobbi Sloan wrote about their submission that “the golden wires symbolize all the hardship that we, as Jews, have been through.”

Doni Chasen, Deena Glusman and Wade Rabinowitz wrote, “We made a menorah representing Israel and recycling. … We painted a Star of David white and blue, Israeli colors. The buttons on the wood represent color and fun in Israel.”

The exhibit runs through Jan. 10.

The project is part of an ongoing collaboration among the Fernbank, AJA and the Israeli Consulate.

AJA Hebrew language teacher Yaira Auz led the menorah project with the help of teachers Elite Shaier and Sagit Shaked.

“We are grateful for the opportunity to build an authentic connection between Israel, our school and the Atlanta community,” Auz said.

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