The Exercise Coach Launches Youth Performance Program

The Exercise Coach Launches Youth Performance Program



Effective immediately, we are launching our Youth Performance Program. As a former athlete who grew up searching for ways to improve performance, I encountered many different types of exercise programs, which has led to the development of what we currently do for exercise. As a high school coach, I have been frustrated with some of the current training techniques. My frustration stems not just from the formulaic approach but from the inherent risks associated with some of these exercises, as well as their ineffectiveness.

There is a safer way to develop power, explosiveness, strength, endurance and muscle quality. Exercise doesn’t have to be a long, monotonous process. We only need 20-30 minutes, 2-3 times a week to accomplish everything an athlete needs, which leaves more time to develop the individual skills each sport demands. As a parent and coach, I want to provide these things for my kids and players. We have already seen some exciting results with the youths we have worked with. Here’s what a couple of our student athletes have said about our program.

Lauren O., 17, soccer: “I started out working out at The Exercise Coach primarily to strengthen my neck and back after sustaining a couple of concussions playing soccer. After only a few weeks of training, I felt much stronger. Although my focus was on my neck and back, going through The Exercise Coach program drastically improved my overall conditioning, which has led to a greater confidence and performance on the field.”

Jackson B., 13, basketball: “The Exercise Coach is not just a gym but truly a one-on-one experience meant for you and your goals to be achieved. AJT muscle matters They take the time with every client to sit down and discuss your future plans and how to achieve the goals you set out for yourself. My workouts last about 20 minutes twice a week. The first time I was shocked. I had been use to spending upwards of an hour a day five days a week. I still bolt my way every Tuesday and Thursday to The Exercise Coach, and I feel stronger and more agile after every workout. By the way, my basketball team won our championship this year.”


Sports Performance Lab Mission

1. Safe Exercise: Understanding the difference between productive exercise and potentially dangerous exercise is crucial to minimizing injury risk. This is our number one goal.

2. Improved Muscle Quality: More than just a function of strength, improved muscle quality reflects improvements across all systems of the body from skeletal to muscular to cardiovascular and more.

3. Injury Prevention: Sport performance is not just about force production but also force absorption. As muscle quality improves so does the body’s ability to absorb force and prevent injury. We are also on the lookout for any strength disparities or imbalances in anatomical groups notorious for creating problems such as hamstrings, shoulders and hips.

4. Improved Neurological Function: A primary adaptation that occurs first is the brain’s ability to call upon and fire the requisite muscle fibers to react and generate maximal force and power. This leads to improved reaction time, quickness, explosiveness and coordination.

5. Improved Cardiovascular System: A main function of the heart and lungs is to deliver oxygen to muscles. As muscle quality improves so does our cardiovascular fitness and muscular endurance.

6. Strengthened Skeletal System: Support, movement, and protection are all crucial elements to improving athletic performance. This also comprises much of the skeletal system’s job. As muscle quality improves, the structural support in the body does too. This makes it critical for improving performance and protecting from injury.

7. Increased Power: Power is a combination of strength and speed and is important in all athletic endeavors. Improving the factors that increase power (muscle fiber and neurological recruitment, muscular strength, reaction time), while doing it safely, is a huge point of differentiation for us.

8. Increased Endurance and Mental Focus: Sustained muscular contraction while battling ‘muscle burn’ not only significantly improves the cardiovascular system and endurance but also drives greater mental strength to perform at the highest levels.

Editor’s note: Help spread the word that The Exercise Coach can deliver an advantage to the youth in the community. If you have someone in mind who may be interested in the youth program contact one of the Atlanta studios for a free, no-obligation consultation. The Exercise Coach has locations on 458 Paces Ferry Road in Buckhead, (404) 848-1550, and on 9925 Haynes Bridge Road in Johns Creek, (770) 212-9568. For more information visit www.exercisecoach. com.

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