Epstein Students Get Coding

Epstein Students Get Coding

Above: Epstein third-graders Ryan Merlin and Noah Leavitt participate in Computer Science Education Week’s An Hour of Code. 

To enrich the Epstein School educational and technology experience, all first- to eighth-graders participated during Computer Science Education Week from Dec. 7 to 13 in Computer Science Education Week’s An Hour of Code, a grass-roots campaign supported by 350 partners and 100,000 educators worldwide.

Technology specialist Helene Marcus, media specialist Gordon Carswell and 21st-century learning coach Emily Khan facilitated sessions. Students explored computer programming in a fun, interactive environment and perhaps gained inspiration to become future programmers.

The job market in computer science is growing at twice the rate of the average field.

“In 15 years we’ll be teaching programming just like reading and writing … and wondering why we didn’t do it sooner,” Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has said.

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