Energiya Global exploring Georgia as possible Solar Power Hub

Energiya Global exploring Georgia as possible Solar Power Hub



CEO of Energiya Global Yosef Abramowitz


Atlanta may soon be the new epicenter of solar power in the United States.

President and CEO of Israeli based Energiya Global, Yosef Abramowitz visited this week at the invitation of Governor Nathan Deal and Consul General of Israel to the Southeast, Opher Aviran. He spoke at the Metro Atlanta Chamber and Conexx about expanding the national and global accessibility of solar power. Abramowitz and his company are even considering beginning their United States operations here in Georgia.

“We are only at the infancy of the solar power industry.”  Said Abramowitz, “Georgia is about to take some very positive steps forward as of this time but there’s a long way

Yosef Abramowitz (center left) at the Metro Atlanta Chamber Wednesday Morning with Opher Aviran (center right)

to go. Here in the south, there’s plenty of sun and I can say that the Governor made a very positive impression for Georgia as well as North Carolina.”

Along with David Rosenblatt, Ed Hofland, and Howie Rodenstein, Yosef Abramowitz founded Energiya Global in 2011. Their goal? To provide clean electricity for 50 million people by the year 2020. Currently the company is working on solar energy projects in Rwanda, South Africa, Belize and the Southeastern United States.

Energiya is the global sister company of Israeli solar pioneer Arava Power, which was created in 2006 by Abramowitz, Rosenblatt and Hofland. Arava was responsible for creating the first commercial solar field in the Middle East in 2011. Named Ketura Sun, the field produces 9 Million kilowatt hours per year and connects directly to Israel’s national grid. After receiving inquiries from over 50 developing nations about how Arava Power could help them, the trio founded Energiya Global.

“The goal of Energiya Global is to take the solar energy model that we have developed in Israel and bring it worldwide to most of the developing countries and also to areas in the developed world that are underutilized.” Said Abramowitz.

After being named by CNN as one of the top six global green pioneers and inspiring CEOs worldwide, Abramowitz and his company, have set their sights on Georgia to expand the use of commercial solar energy. Together with U.S. CEO David Herskovits, he believes that bringing commercial solar energy to the United States is the next frontier in renewable energy.

“The whole world is looking to the United States for leadership on this issue.” He said, “While there is certainly progress in some places like California and New Jersey a lot more really needs to be done. It makes complete economic sense for the United States to ramp up the solar program.”

For more information on Yosef Abramowitz and Energiya Global visit http://energiyaglobal.com/


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