EGOER Sets Pace for Sports Eyewear
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EGOER Sets Pace for Sports Eyewear

Innovative glasses offer durability and the latest technology for consumers.

Marcia Caller Jaffe

After 35 years with the Atlanta newspapers, Marcia currently serves as Retail VP for the Buckhead Business Association, where she delivers news and trends (laced with a little gossip).

Buckhead entrepreneur Woody Alpern, an on-the-go athlete, models EGOER Equator 3 sunglasses.
Buckhead entrepreneur Woody Alpern, an on-the-go athlete, models EGOER Equator 3 sunglasses.

Buckhead entrepreneur and investment guru Woody Alpern used his business acumen, marketing insights and uncanny connection with the pulse of what’s next to expand his scope into high fashion and precision sports-oriented eyewear with EGOER Eyes, one of several EGOER businesses.

Alpern describes his product as “killer, fun and superior performance.”

“This is gear that keeps up with adventure seekers who don’t settle,” he said, as well as people with discerning taste and expectations.

Jaffe: How did you form EGOER?

Alpern: Summer Yang and I formed this company because we both are very hard-core adventure seekers and felt there was a gap in the market for top-notch, highest-quality sunglasses that fit with an appropriate wrap top and offer ample security and protection of the eyes. We wanted glasses that don’t look like all the others already on the market (and frankly are not that well made). Ours are both stylish and incredibly well made, handmade and designed in Milan, Italy.

An EGOER is someone who is extreme, enthusiastic, exploring, energetic, exciting (and they are always on-the-go).

Jaffe: I know you are a scuba diver What other activities are they best used for?

Alpern: Boating, skiing, hanging at the beach. Hand-eye sports such as tennis, golf, baseball, beach volleyball. Altitude sports like mountaineering, hiking, climbing. Snow-related sports: skiing, snowboarding. Sky sports: hot-air ballooning, pilots. Motor sports such as normal driving and auto racing. Safety glasses for general eye protection. Track and field.

Jaffe: What makes them unique?

Alpern: We bring glasses of this caliber to the marketplace at a price point significantly lower than our competitors. Each pair was meticulously designed for durability and light weight. The collections are developed with scrupulous attention to design and produced with advanced technology. We use the highest-quality materials available, imported from Switzerland, France and Italy, as lightweight, flexible, extremely durable, and can stand up to the most rigid of activities. Every pair has either a Base 6 or Base 8 wrap for extreme protection and a feeling of security.

Our glasses absolutely have use beyond athletics. They are extremely stylish. In fact, almost every pair is suitable for just general relaxation.

Jaffe: Were there any kinks along the way in starting the company?

Alpern: It takes a tremendous amount of time to develop a brand. There are trademark issues, logo decisions, choosing from a huge variety of frame and lens options, website development, logistics for fulfillment, marketing materials, pricing, and money. Whatever the budget, you will spend double (laughing).

Jaffe: How will you measure your success?

Alpern: Five hundred thousand dollars in gross sales in 12 months, about 3,800 units. However, we are growing fast because companies want to retail our glasses. This is exciting; but we are being picky and going slowly.

Each and every pair sold will benefit Patriots for Disabled Divers. We will be donating free glasses to this organization to give to our vets as they choose. This organization has special meaning for me, for many reasons. More on them at

For Atlanta Jewish Times readers, go to our website,, and enter promo code AJT20 at checkout to get a 20 percent discount on any pair through July 18, 2017. Now that’s a deal.

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