‘Dream Team’ Triumph

‘Dream Team’ Triumph

SIM-Team Allie_Award_2015_Best_team_effort_Viridian_Images_Photography-photo-1Looking at the competition, Nancy Joffre didn’t think her team had a chance to walk away with an Allie Award, but what she called “my dream team” was victorious.

The five finalists in the category of best team effort on an event costing more than $50,000 included some of the heavy hitters in the Atlanta area’s event industry.

As for the businesses that worked with Joffre on a construction-themed event at Ponce City Market more than year before the April 19 awards gala, “we’re all kind of small shops,” Joffre said.

“I’m a one-person show, so for me it was incredibly exciting,” said Joffre, who was attending her first Allie Awards at The Foundry at Puritan Mill.

The Allies are the Atlanta event industry’s annual awards for quality and creativity, and Joffre’s dream team made the dream of winning come true.

The heavily Jewish team was led by Joffre’s Celebration Concierge and included Sandra Bank’s Added Touch Catering, Doris Geller’s Event Savvy, Jason Kagan and Aaron Payes’ KB Events (the offspring of Krazy Boyz DJ), and Active Lighting and Design.

SIM-Team Allie_Award_2015_Best_team_effort_Viridian_Images_Photography-photo-3
The winning team, including Nancy Joffre (second from left), Doris Geller and Jason Kagan at the lectern, accepts the Allie for best team effort. Sandra Bank missed the awards gala because she was in South Africa. -Viridian Images Photography

Joffre hired the rest of the team, other than Active Lighting, which Event Savvy brought on board.

“We have very good rapport with each other,” Joffre said of herself, Bank, Geller and the Krazy Boyz.

Now they also have a shared Allie for best team effort.

“We all contributed something,” Joffre said. “I was sort of the team captain,” working to ensure that the night was what the client wanted.

The award announcement said the team succeeded in turning a “construction site into construction chic. Who knew construction could be so stylish?”

Joffre said that winning the award meant a lot because it was judged by fellow members of the event industry without politics based on the identities of the clients.

“Any kind of event you put on, any kind of big event, is a lot of blood, sweat and tears,” Joffre said.

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