Dr. Terry Segal

Dr. Terry Segal

Dr. Terry Segal shares her Passover thoughts with you.

Dr. Terry Segal is a licensed Marriage & Family Therapist with a Ph.D. in Energy Medicine. She is the author of "The Enchanted Journey: Finding the Key That Unlocks You.”

We Can Still Find Freedom

Passover is a time for telling the story of our people. 2020 will have its stories, those unique to the times and to our individual families. While we’re ever grateful to have our three grown children with their families very close by, we’re observing the orders for social distancing this Passover. It’s our newest grandchild’s first Passover and while we won’t be able to hold her, thanks to technology, we’ll be able to see her. Even with all of the imposed restrictions, we can still find freedoms to enjoy.

The Ten Plagues are always the highlight during our seders, in addition to the festive meal, of course. This year should be no different. It’ll be easy to reach off camera for the clear pitcher, rimmed at the bottom with red food coloring, and then dramatically pour water into it from the second clear pitcher, as we watch it turn to “blood.” Usually I have to hide it from inquisitive eyes until the critical moment. We’ll still be able to wear our boils (Band-Aids) that have been painted in advance, with green, yellow, red and orange puffy paint. Guests always get creative with where they put them.

Most importantly this year is the focus on prayers of gratitude for good health, hope to maintain it, and healing for those afflicted or grieving. May we use this transformative time to emerge, better than we were before, in all ways.

Dr. Terry Segal regularly writes the New Moon Meditations column for the AJT. She’s also a licensed marriage and family therapist with a doctorate in energy medicine.

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