Deal: Energiya Global Capital, Georgia Power

Deal: Energiya Global Capital, Georgia Power

Above: Energiya USA CEO David Herskovits (left) and Energiya Global Capital CEO Yosef Abramowitz are working on a bright idea for utility-scale solar energy in the Southeast.

When Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal visited Israel on a trade mission to spark business connections, a light bulb went off over Yosef Abramowitz’s head.

It was a solar-powered light bulb, of course.

Abramowitz is the CEO of Energiya Global Capital, an international solar development company that secured a $30 million, 17.68-megawatt solar deal with Georgia Power to build the first utility-scale solar project in southeastern Georgia. His expertise is in identifying global markets and bringing solar energy to untapped areas, such as Africa.

Based in Jerusalem, Energiya Global engaged Energiya USA CEO David Herskovits to develop the Georgia project from the ground up. Together, the divisions created and executed a 20-year power agreement with Georgia Power for a 79-acre solar field in Glynn County.

Project Glynn completed construction in the first quarter this year.

“He’s a development genius,” Abramowitz said of Herskovits. “America wasn’t even in our sights, but he sealed the deal.”

He added: “After Governor Deal’s visit we got enthusiastic support for investing in Georgia and for bringing technology. It was one of the warmest receptions we received around the world, and I think it is grounded in the strong Jewish community. We heard nothing but appreciation for coming to jump-start the solar industry.”

Solar energy is in its infancy in Georgia. Herskovits has set his sights on developing similar projects across multiple markets. He said Project Glynn is the first of a dozen utility-scale solar projects that Energiya USA plans to launch in the Southeast.

“The state of Georgia and the Brunswick and Glynn County Development Authority have provided service and support throughout the project development that is incomparable to what we have seen elsewhere to date,” Herskovits said.

Up next for Energiya is the launch of a STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) education program with Glynn County students called Solar Rollers. The day after Energiya leaders accept the Eagle Star Deal of the Year award from Conexx on June 2, they will depart for Brunswick for the Solar Rollers launch.

Herskovits said the Conexx award combines his passion for green renewable energy and his love of Israel. “We are truly honored to receive the Deal of the Year award from an organization as impactful on U.S.-Israeli business relationships as Conexx.”

Norrie McKenzie, Georgia Power’s vice president of renewable development, said, “With a shared commitment to innovative, clean energy solutions, our customers will benefit from this partnership today and in the future.”

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