Cool Jews! Rick, the Jewish Santa

Cool Jews! Rick, the Jewish Santa


The AJT announces “Cool Jews,” our new man-on-the-street feature. We’re out in the community looking for the next meritorious Member of the Tribe right now; it could be you! This week, get to know Atlanta’s Rick Rosenthal, a Jewish Santa Claus impersonator.

Rick Rosenthal

Atlanta Jewish Times: Where are you going?

Rick Rosenthal: I’m a private party Santa this afternoon, and tonight, I’m a corporate Santa.

AJT: Tell me about your costume.

RR: I’m an “RBS,” which means I’m a “real-bearded Santa.” It’s my own beard! I own the suit, but only wear it for special occasions. Women tell me red brings out the blue in my eyes.

The Santa fat was a real bargain. I bought all this fat for only $15. The same amount of schmaltz would have cost over $400.

AJT: Are you really jolly?

RR: People always laugh when they see me. Does that tell you something?

AJT: What do you do when you’re not playing Santa?

RR: Mediation, arbitration, divorce coaching. I want to help people!

Know someone who needs a Santa? Call Rick Rosenthal now to book your holiday events: (404) 936-2888.

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