Cookie Shares Her Crumbs and More

Cookie Shares Her Crumbs and More


Cookie Aftergut was diagnosed with breast cancer years ago and managed to battle and survive the disease. Once she had regained her health, she decided she wanted to do something to help others struggling to battle the disease.

Aftergut was used to helping others; an enthusiastic volunteer for years, it was only natural that she develop a creative way to make a difference in the lives of women with cancer. Taking into account her first-hand knowledge of the major challenge that is chemotherapy, she founded Chemophlage, a support program offering an abundance of tips and material for women with cancer.

The one-on-one program is focused on providing information and support. Participants have the time to take notes, ask questions and – perhaps most importantly – become part of a support system that provides good advice and hope.

“This is a good two-and-a-half-hour session,” Aftergut said.

Aftergut recently published a new complement to the program, her book “Cookies Crumbs of Wisdom.” The quick and colorful read is filled with personal experiences and skills picked up over the years helping hundreds of women as they fight for their health.

“Cookie is a true package of kindness,” said Anne Hux, a friend of Aftergut who opened up her home for a book signing after “Cookies” was first released. “I was blessed when she welcomed me into her circle of friends. You just want to help her because she does so much for others.”

Chemophlage is offered every month at Nordstrom’s at Perimeter and every other month at the Piedmont Wellness Community. Each instance includes lunch and a bag full of beauty supplies in addition to the important information that can help attendees “move on with their lives…and make plans for the future.”

“Support groups are very, very important,” Aftergut explained. “Any type of self-help is very helpful to a patient.”S

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Editor’s note: Visit to order “Cookie’s Crumbs of Wisdom” and find out more. For more information on specific Chemophlage events, contact Nordstrom’s at Perimeter or Piedmont Wellness Community.


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