Coca-Cola Participates in Chanukah Festivities

Coca-Cola Participates in Chanukah Festivities

The spirit of Chanukah spread through Coca-Cola's headquarters with the display of a 9-foot-tall menorah.

The 9-foot Coke menorah shines on the second night of Chanukah.
The 9-foot Coke menorah shines on the second night of Chanukah.

Coca-Cola added a 9-foot-tall menorah to the holiday display in the lobby of its Atlanta headquarters in December.

In response to requests from Jewish employees, the new chanukiah was installed a year after Coke employee Evan Charles brought in his own menorah for display in the lobby.

The official Coca-Cola menorah used electric bulbs that came on automatically at the right time each night of the festival. Coke also held a lighting ceremony Dec. 13, the second night, with Chabad Intown Rabbi Ari Sollish that included latkes, sufganiyot, gelt and holiday songs.

Rabbi Ari Sollish (left) joins Coca-Cola employees at a Chanukah celebration.

“Throughout the history of Coca-Cola, we have stood for optimism, diversity and inclusion, and deep in our heritage is a commitment to bringing people and communities together,” a Coca-Cola representative said in a written statement.

“At Coca-Cola we want to be a place where people can bring the best of their selves to work. We listen to and learn from our employees, and many people across the company help us advance in our diversity journey and build our practices. This holiday season, we’re proud to display a new 9-foot menorah as well as a new Christmas tree in the recently remodeled Main Street Lobby. Employees at the Atlanta Office Complex have helped to shape this year’s new display, and we look forward to building on it and continuing to expand our holiday celebrations next year and thereafter.”

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