Chaya Mushka Offers Innovative Opportunities

Chaya Mushka Offers Innovative Opportunities

The Chaya Mushka Children’s House Elementary-Middle School has begun its school year with top-quality programs to enable your children to truly maximize their learning.

We believe that education is more than just teaching students information or teaching for a test. It is about inspiring the hearts and minds of students so that they become lifelong learners.

Rabbi Michoel Druin
Rabbi Michoel Druin

Under the guiding hand of Rabbi Michoel Druin, CMCH uses an exciting array of learning opportunities, all geared toward the goal of “inspiring the hearts and minds of students so that they become lifelong learners.” Some of these learning tools are:

  • Gradelink — With this communication portal and more, parents will be able to follow children’s homework, class assignments, tests, grades, etc. They will also be able to download Gradelink as an app and set up alerts to be better informed about any updates concerning their children. The students are excited to see their progress in real time, and the instant feedback allows both the parent and the student to be in constant contact with the teacher.
  • Smartboards — Welcome to the most advanced in smartboard technology (both hardware and software). With the help of a grant from CIJE, our school purchased three of the newest smartboards. Our teachers, who have been trained in the use of smartboards, will apply this 21st century tool as another means for ensuring our children are getting all the cutting-edge opportunities available in the world of education.
  • A tailored education — CMCH strives to provide an education that is tailored to each child. Our classrooms are set up to be modern learning environments with collaborative learning desks, computers, lockers, science carts and more. They enable us to implement blended learning, differentiated instruction and Montessori classrooms.
  • Curriculum — CMCH provides students an innovative schedule, an updated and sequenced Judaic curriculum, and current formative assessments. The results of these standardized assessments will be shared with the parents every trimester in our effort to keep parents informed and involved in their children’s education.

With the addition of new technology and innovative ways of educating the students, our teachers will continue to develop relationships through their passion and care. This is, after all, the basis of real learning. We look forward to a wonderful year for all of the 160 CMCH students from pre-kindergarten through eighth grade.

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