Changes Underway at the Atlanta Jewish Times

Changes Underway at the Atlanta Jewish Times

No Issue Friday, November 21 – Next issue will be December 5, 2014.

November 20, 2014 – During the last month, Cliff Weiss, Publisher of the Atlanta Jewish Times, has suffered several family losses and crises.  These issues have taken Cliff away from the paper.  As a result, Cliff has decided that since he will not be able to devote his best efforts to the AJT, it is time for someone else to takeover.

Zadok Publishing, LLC has been in negotiations with several potential buyers over the last few weeks, resulting in some disruptions to the AJT ‘s normal business operations.  We regret any difficulties that this may have caused.  Although the details cannot be disclosed until December 5, when the deal officially closes, it is important to let the AJT’s subscribers, advertisers, contributors, supporters, and readers know that we are in a transition period and that the paper will get back on track very soon.

We are very excited about the new owner, and believe that this is a great move for our community newspaper.  More details to come in our December 5, 2014 issue!

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