Celebrate the Hidden Blessings

Celebrate the Hidden Blessings

Celebrate the Hidden Blessings 1
Photographer Eric Bern

My wife, Caryn, and I recently traveled to Israel on a learning trip to search for answers and thank HaShem for blessing us and our family during a turbulent time. The learning that we did at Aish HaTorah, as well as in Safed, taught us that while HaShem gives us many challenges, these challenges are typically opportunities that help us grow and gain strength.

The past three years of our lives were spent fighting for an important piece of my world: the building that housed my photography business in Sandy Springs. To say that it was a disruptive time in the lives of my family and me is an understatement.

This turned out to be a blessing in disguise. I just did not recognize it at time. After making peace with the city, I was fortunate enough to have found the perfect property just a couple blocks down the street from my old location, which allowed me to rebuild what I had lost.

Many months have gone by, and I have a newfound sense of accomplishment and a new direction in my business that is incredibly satisfying.

This entire experience has strengthened our faith that G-d is intimately involved in both in the smaller details and the bigger picture of our lives. He gives us the freedom to make good choices with the challenges that are presented to us.

I am thankful that I was given the strength to make it through a difficult time as well as to create an even better place to create my art as a result.

In keeping with the message of Rosh Hashanah, I wish to publicly thank all of you who were so supportive during this time.

With gratitude to HaShem for giving us life and for enabling us to recognize life’s beauty through its challenges, l’shana tova!

— Eric Bern

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