Buy a Pie, Help Defeat Breast Cancer

Buy a Pie, Help Defeat Breast Cancer

Are you busy planning your Thanksgiving menu? Feeling like there’s no time to do it all?

Yifat Levin (L-R), Eileen Price and Mindy Cinnamon, the experienced bakers making pareve desserts for your Thanksgiving table. PHOTO / Suzi Brozman

A trio of Atlanta women are willing to help by providing pareve kosher desserts that will make you thankful in multiple ways – you won’t have to spend hours cooking them, they taste wonderful, and you’ll be helping support and heal women with breast cancer.

It’s a win-win situation all around!

Did you know that one in 40 Ashkenazi Jews carries a BRCA gene mutation that can mean cancer? This is nearly 10 times the rate of the general population.

Evidence of the prevalence is found in the fact that most of us know at least one cancer victim in our lives. We walk to raise money to help find a cure, we donate funds…but what about the person, usually a woman, whose body is inhabited by cancer cells?

When you are facing this disease – the very name of which raises the specter of suffering and death – it is important to connect with someone who shares your experience as well as your values and culture. That’s why Sharsheret was born.

Created by women whose lives were changed when close relatives were stricken with breast cancer or ovarian cancer, Sharsheret serves a vital purpose in the Jewish community.

“My mother is a survivor,” said Yifat Levin, an active member of the group here in Atlanta. “I know too many people who have developed breast cancer. Sharsheret is important to me. I like what the organization is doing, providing mentorship, support and advice to women of all Jewish backgrounds.

“I know the founders quite well…we share family, so I’ve been aware for a few years that they’ve been doing this [dessert sale] fundraiser. A year and a half ago, they called me and said they wanted it to spread to other cities. I volunteered to bring it to Atlanta.”

Last year, Sharsheret raised about $1,500; they hope to top that number this year through pie sales and donations. Three local women – Mindy Cinnamon, Yifat Levin and Eileen Price – are baking. All ingredients are certified kosher, and the pies are prepared in kosher home kitchens.

Choose from the holiday-appropriate pie varieties of pumpkin, pecan or chocolate chip cookie dough, or try the pumpkin cranberry bread. Better yet, pick several to use with leftovers or for gifts! They’re just $20 each.


Editor’s note: Place orders online at Pick-up occurs Wed., Nov. 21 between 10 a.m. and 8 p.m. at 1147 Empire Road NE, Atlanta, 30329. If you are unable to pick up then, email for arrangements.

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