The Bush Centre for Ballet Celebrates its Tenth Anniversary

The Bush Centre for Ballet Celebrates its Tenth Anniversary



The Bush Centre for Ballet was founded in 2005 by Rosalyn Bush, owner/director. The Bush Centre provides classical ballet training by supporting the physical, emotional, and cognitive skills necessary to achieve the different levels of ballet dancing.

The studio trains students from 3 years of age to adulthood. As the first classical ballet studio in Sandy Springs, it distinguishes itself from other studios by providing individualized instruction for all students. Other studios cram a multitude of students into classes, causing many students to not receive adequate attention.

No student will be left untouched by the skillful and creative enthusiasm of Ms. Bush. She believes creativity is the foundation upon which this passion is built, and almost all of her recitals (held at the Morris and Rae Frank Theatre at MJCCA) encompass classical ballet productions.

For classes and recitals, Ms. Bush frequently uses classical music, but sometimes uses modern composers. She even uses music from BBC network shows such as “Sherlock” and “Inspector Morse.”

The Bush Centre incorporates the curriculum guide from The Royal Academy of Dance for Pre-Ballet and Ballet classes. Techniques drawn from French, Italian, and Russian influences supplement this curriculum. There are special styles from each of these techniques that can help students develop their skills.

Since the Bush Centre is not a competitive environment, students strive to do their best, knowing that they will be supported by staff. Ms. Bush does not grade students and will only issue stickers or treats as in-class rewards. At the end of each year, Ms. Bush issues each student a certificate of accomplishment, a trophy for that year’s recital, and a gift. This nurturing and encouraging approach helps boost student’s confidence and love of dance.

The Bush Centre offers students opportunities that extend beyond dance instruction. These opportunities include supervising the studio’s fundraising booth at the Sandy Springs Festival (this year the booth will be selling Kosher biscotti), attending an annual fieldtrip to the Atlanta Ballet, enjoying a sleepover with classmates ages 8+, celebrating Halloween with a party and performance, performing at an assisted living facility, and participating in the studio’s dance camp. In addition, Ms. Bush has created a scholarship program that accommodates one deserving student from each class who would otherwise be unable to attend the program.

It is a unique learning environment, where students grow into a family. The studio will be celebrating its tenth anniversary and hopes to increase its enrollment, allowing for more advanced recitals in the future.

Editor’s note: For more information about The Bush Centre for Ballet, call 404-256-5542 or visit www.bushballetcentre. com.

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