Building a Legacy on the Southern Israelite

Building a Legacy on the Southern Israelite


By Cliff Weiss – Publisher AJT

While looking through our archives, it became clear to me that when our paper was published under the Southern Israelite name, the paper had a broader appeal and was more provocative. Although it served as the newspaper in which Jews put their Simcha Announcements (as many of you may be able to come to our office and grab the issue that listed your birth, bar mitzvah, engagement, wedding, etc.,) the Southern Israelite had a more important purpose.  Every week, the paper reported on events throughout the region and throughout the world that affected us as Jews. The paper made us think about events and often created a call to action, in Atlanta and throughout the South. I will try to include more compelling content in the year ahead and broaden our coverage and readership.

I was intrigued by the old High Holiday issues, packed with holiday greetings from Jewish families, and I was surprised by all of the holiday greetings from Christian organizations and churches.  In thinking about it, I should not be surprised that Christian groups supported our Jewish newspaper.  Although I have not solicited Christian organizations to advertise in the paper, it is clear that we have much support from the Christian community. Christians accounted for a significant percentage (and occasionally the majority) of those in attendance at the Pro-Israel Rallies during the Gaza conflict this summer.  Just like the Christians who risked their lives during the Holocaust to save some Jewish families, we should be grateful for those Christians who now support Israel.  Israel needs all of the support that she can get!

In regard to Israel, I am constantly amazed and upset by the slanted and biased attacks on Israel that are proffered as news in the mainstream media.  After attending a week-long Jewish Media Summit in Israel this summer, and seeing first hand how the reality in Israel is often far different from what we are told by newspapers and television in the U.S., I will cover more Israel stories in the paper, which are not so negatively tendentious.

Of course, the paper will continue to be Atlanta’s weekly Jewish newspaper and include local community coverage, but we will also strive to expand the content and distribution.

May we all be inscribed for Blessing!

February 1966 Article from The Southern Israelite
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