Brevity, the Soul of Fundraising

Brevity, the Soul of Fundraising

By Jay Tenenbaum | ORT America Regional Director

My esteemed and dedicated colleagues in these pages are going to wish you a healthy, happy and sweet new year.

Jay Tenenbau, ORT America Regional Director
Jay Tenenbaum,
ORT America Regional Director

I do too, as genuinely and as passionately as they.

— Jay Tenenbaum, region director, ORT America

P.S. My brevity is by necessity. While we cherish each and every one of our supporters, and we let them know that every day, we still have so much work to do.

So few Atlantans really understand what ORT does. It’s simple: ORT is the Jewish organization serving the world’s educational needs since 1880.

Right now, there are 300,000 young people at risk in the more than 60 countries we serve, whose schools require me to help raise the money to give them a great education and a better future. Often, it is a future unavailable to them without ORT.

Our recently adopted Atlanta project, the Hodayot Youth Village, is perhaps the best example of a school filled with young people who, without us, might be caught in a cycle of poverty or, worse, be relegated to the streets.

It’s ironic at the High Holidays, as we pray to be inscribed in the Book of Life, that many of our students turn to us to provide a book in their life.

I owe the hundreds, maybe thousands, of fundraisers who have worked for ORT before me my admiration and my equal dedication to our cause. I’ll not allow our schools to flounder because they are underfunded — and together with my board, my donors and my prospects like you, we will make it a happy and, as an organization, a healthy new year.

L’shana tova.

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