Book Fest Great for the Whole Family

Book Fest Great for the Whole Family

The Family Reading Festival of the MJCCA’s Book Festival will delight readers of all ages on the morning of Nov. 11 at the Zaban Park facility.

Even youngsters will enjoy all that’s being offered at The Family Reading Festival, just one part of the MJCCA’s annual book festival. PHOTO / MJCCA

The event, presented by the PJ Library and the MJCCA’s Family Resource Center, includes several highlights:

  • Eric Litwin, author of “Pete the      Cat and his Four Groovy Buttons,” will put on “Mr. Eric and Pete the Cat      in Concert” at 10 a.m. Count down in this rocking new story about      everyone’s favorite kitty!
  • Jacqueline Dembar Green, author of      “Speak Up, Tommy!” will introduce her new hero, whose knowledge of Hebrew      helps a policeman and his dog when they come to visit his school.
  • Ben Halpert, author of “Savvy      Cyber Kids at Home,” will teach kids can learn to protect their personal      information, like their name and physical location, through their secret “Savvy      Cyber Kid” identity.
  • Sarene Shulimson, author of      “Lights Out Shabbat,” will show through the story of a little boy and his      grandparents without power during a Shabbat Eve snowstorm that there is      much the family can share, even without electricity.
  • Ann Redish Stampler, author of “The      Wooden Sword,” will tell the tale of a poor Jewish shoemaker who, despite      the trials and tricks of his ruler, remains true to his faith.
  • Jill Bloomfield, author of “Maccabee      Meals: Food and Fun for Hanukkah,” will delight with samples of delicious      Hanukkah treats and help attendees discover how to reinvent the Festival      of Lights for their family.


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