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Local beauty experts share practical tips for how to refresh and maintain hair and skin at home.

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Belle de Jour Salon, just inside I-285 on Roswell Road, is distancing the work stations upon reopening.
Belle de Jour Salon, just inside I-285 on Roswell Road, is distancing the work stations upon reopening.

We knew it was a hot topic when J. Lo admitted on “Entertainment Tonight” that it took her eight hours to do her own nails. Add the social media avalanche of jokes about natural hair color surfacing, some not seen for decades, coupled with endearing photos of partners cutting and dying each other’s roots with in-home kits. The pandemic “shut in” has us organizing closets and preparing meals– let us not forget to keep up our beauty regimens! Three local beauty professionals share practical tips to refresh and maintain at home if you’re not ready yet to venture into the shops that are reopening.

Glorious Hair

Andrea Goldklang, owner of Belle de Jour Salon, is a popular hair artist known for her techniques in dimensional color. She can be seen on Facebook illustrating step-by-step how to execute color at home. “We are making free recommendations for at-home color; but if our clients want their exact formula delivered to them, it is $100, and all proceeds go directly to my team.”

Goldklang is donating proceeds from her product delivery to help her employees

Still, Goldklang is looking toward the future. “Fingers crossed, we plan to reopen May 15,” she said. “We can’t wait to reopen. We have socially distanced our stations and have masks.”

Goldklang’s Root Touch-Up Tips:
Begin with gloves, Vaseline, towel, clips and comb. Apply Vaseline around the hairline to protect skin. Put tin foil on your eyeglass frames. Wear an old buttoned-down shirt that doesn’t need to be pulled over head to remove.

Eyeball equal parts of developer and color. Mix together in container. Apply only to roots, not the entire head, even if box says otherwise. Apply on dirty (not newly shampooed) hair with brush, in a tapping motion.

For roots only, you do not need the entire mixture. Focus on the front crown area. Separate hair with clips to do in quadrants. Use the tail of the brush to divide lines.

Don’t go to the ends. Have a teenager or roommate do the back if necessary.

Throw out any mixture that has been combined. Safely save the rest.

Leave on for 20 to 30 minutes per box. Set timer.

When showering off, lean the head backwards to rinse, avoiding the ends. Shampoo.

Ageless Beauty

Arlene Manning is a 77-year-old beauty veteran operating home-based Head to Toe spa.

A “young” Arlene Manning at 77 believes in consistency in beauty routine during this special stay-at-home time.

“During this time, it’s important to keep a routine. Mine is: Coffee, spin bike, shower.”

She also offers this recipe for good skin care:
To keep skin hydrated, apply hyaluronic acid to retain moisture, then vitamin E and C serum. The skin needs vitamins akin to what goes inside the body.

Use a mild scrub at night. Unfortunately, skin may be thin because of sun exposure decades ago, making it vulnerable and losing elasticity.

No peels at home. Could cause damage.

Even with no makeup (I haven’t worn in six weeks), wash and apply skin/retinol products at night while the body rests and repairs itself.

A younger person’s cells turn around every 28 days. Rejuvenation takes longer for older people.

Understand the difference between over-the-counter skin products, sits on top of skin; spa quality, penetrates only the first layer; medical grade, subcutaneous where the real work is done.

Arlene’s brand is Alastin. Above all, she says, “Be consistent.”

Keep the Skin Glowing

Shari Goldstein, owner of Solera Salon & Spa in Alpharetta, offers tips on skin care to bridge shutting in until getting to back to professionals. “Scrubs, toners and masks are all healthy, refreshing remedies people can do at home.”

Shari Goldstein recommends masks and scrubs at home to maintain skin health and radiance until professionals reopen.

Start With a Cleansing Regimen:
8 almonds
1 teaspoon lemon juice
1 teaspoon milk or cream
Crush together. Apply. Leave on 10 minutes. Wash off with warm water. Follow with rosewater for toning (can buy online).

Scrub Option:
¼ teaspoon raw
2 teaspoons almond
4 tablespoons oatmeal
2 teaspoons corn
5 drops of lavender
extract or 2
teaspoons almond oil
Mix. Apply in circular motion around
eyes, lips, cheeks. Gently scrub,
then rinse.

Go Green:
1 tablespoon rolled oats
½ avocado
1 teaspoon lemon juice
1 tablespoon honey
1 teaspoon coconut oil.
Mix and apply the mask. Leave on 10 minutes. Remove with cloth and water.
Apply this mask two times a week.
Goldstein cautions: “Alternate days with mask OR scrub. Don’t overdo it!”

Above all Goldstein beckons, “Don’t try to wax at home. Shaving will work just fine until you get back to your professional! For Mother’s Day, get a gift certificate for our return to normalcy.”
Amen on that last thought!

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