Atlanta Jewish Academy Opens Its Doors

Atlanta Jewish Academy Opens Its Doors



Atlanta Jewish Academy has started for the 2014-2015 School Year

Atlanta Jewish Academy has started off the school year as the only infant-12th grade Jewish day school in Atlanta. On the first day of school, the student body greeted the school’s new beginning with excitement.

On Sunday, August 10, AJA’s Greenfield Early Childhood, Lower School, and Middle School held their Back to School Event and Open House. This event marked the unveiling of the school’s new logo, which appeared for the first time on signs and souvenir items. Families enjoyed the carnival atmosphere as students checked out their lockers, tasted samples from the lunch program, participated in a scavenger hunt, crafted bookmarks, shot hoops in the gym, and caught up with friends old and new.

The following day, Monday, August 11, was the first day of school at AJA’s Greenfield Early Childhood, Lower School, and Middle School. AJA distributed a t-shirt bearing the new logo to every student, and students enjoyed trying on their new “Spirit Wear.” As always, Greenfield Middle School of AJA held their traditional Locker Race, in which 5th and 6th graders compete for the ribbon awarded to the fastest locker-opener. Middle schoolers also chose electives from a menu of twelve options that included offerings like Math Art, Yoga, Rube Goldberg Machine Engineering, and Kosher Masterchef.

Many new students are registered at AJA this year, but their more experienced classmates made sure to guide them through locker procedures and to help them find their classrooms. Sixth grader Bobbie Sloan cheerfully assisted a new fifth grader with a locker combination, and the two were chatting as if they were old friends. When asked how long they had known each other, Bobbie explained, “Oh, we just met a few minutes ago — my locker’s right on top of hers.”

AJA students and staff all seem ready to use their new, exciting start to create a great year of learning and fun.



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