Atlanta Girls’ School Perfect for Gifted Teen

Atlanta Girls’ School Perfect for Gifted Teen

Rebecca Bernstein enjoys all that her school has to offer and thinks it has stretched her academically. PHOTO / Special for the AJT
Rebecca Bernstein enjoys all that her school has to offer and thinks it has stretched her academically. PHOTO / Special for the AJT


Rebecca Bernstein, a junior at Atlanta Girls’ School (AGS), has been attending the school since the sixth grade. She’s the daughter of Diana and Steve Bernstein and has four brothers and three sisters. Her family is a member of The Temple in midtown Atlanta.

We recently spent some time with Rebecca to discuss the AGS, her life and hobbies. Here’s what she had to report.

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Atlanta Jewish Times: How did you come to the decision to attend AGS, and what has your experience been like?

Rebecca: I made the decision to attend AGS because it was an environment where I could be myself, without the pressure of having boys around, and where I would be fully supported in all my academic endeavors.

I have four brothers, so AGS was a perfect place for me to be a girl and grow as an individual.

After six years at AGS, I now know my decision was the right one. I have changed a lot as a person because of my experience at the school. I was a quiet younger girl, and now I am a confident, outspoken girl with a distinct point of view.

AJT: How have you been challenged academically, and what are your plans after graduating in 2015?

Rebecca: Before coming to AGS, I never thought of myself as having a love of science. Last year, I walked into my chemistry class not thinking I would do very well or like it.

The class really stretched me academically, and I was supported to succeed.

This year, I was prepared and looking forward to my physics class, which is my favorite so far. In every class and at every step along the way, AGS teachers have underscored that I can accomplish what I set my mind to do and that I will be successful.

I feel well prepared as I start the college application process next year, and I currently have a strong desire to attend The College of William & Mary in Virginia.

AJT: At AGS, all students complete required internships and travel abroad. Can you talk about your experiences?

Rebecca: This past summer, I completed my first internship requirement as a Leader-in-Training at Camp Kingfisher at the Chattahoochee Nature Center. I was an assistant to the counselors and enjoyed teaching and working with the young campers.

I am interested in working with younger children in the future, so this was a perfect fit for gaining experience in that area. As for global travel, I hope to participate in either the school’s program in France or Italy next year.

AJT: Can you tell us a little bit about your hobbies in and out of school.

Rebecca: I have been dancing with the Atlanta Ballet since I was in sixth grade. I also recently joined the Newspaper Club at AGS.

I’ve been really interested lately in knowing about what’s in the news and happening globally, and it led me to explore journalism at school. It’s fun and it keeps me in the know.



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