ASK the Editor

ASK the Editor

Are you interested in how other Jewish communities are coping? 4 Continents - 4 Titles - Many Challenges. This event aired live from Israel, the UK, America and Australia.

Never before has community media been so crucial as in recent weeks as the world battled the coronavirus pandemic. At a time when we were forced to physically stay apart journalists have been deemed key workers as they worked to inform and unite. This event will bring together 4 editors from four major Jewish media outlets on 4 continents to discuss their reporting of the crisis and how their local community has responded. This unprecedented event – initiated by the Jewish News of London and featuring four of the Times of Israel’s international partners – will also see those in the hot seats discussing the challenges to and future of community media, the common threat of antisemitism and a host of other issues filling their pages.

An international audience will tuned in from 8.30 p.m. UK time to hear from the Times of Israel’s David Horovitz, Jewish News’ Richard Ferrer, Atlanta Jewish Times’ Kaylene Ladinsky and Australian Jewish News’ Zeddy Lawrence. The session will be chaired by Sarah Tuttle-Singer, social media editor at TOI.

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