Artwork Brightens Lives of Special Needs Patients

Artwork Brightens Lives of Special Needs Patients


As part of her bat mitzvah celebration several months ago, Tova Leah Eidex and her family recognized a need at a local organization with which they have a personal connection.

The non-profit Dentistry for the Developmentally Disabled (DDD) Foundation pro- vides dental care that is critical to special needs patients, including Tova’s 10-year-old brother, Effie.

Since every penny at DDD is put directly toward patient care, the organization’s physical space was de- scribed as bare, “clinical,” and sparse, lacking in color and décor.

Tova, along with her seventh grade classmates and many friends, crafted bright and cheerful art work to make the dental clinic a more inviting and comforting environment for the 4000 adults and children who are treated there every year, and for whom dental care can be quite stressful and frightening.

The Eidex family delivered the framed artwork to DDD and the staff was overjoyed and so grateful. Tova and her class now represent Torah Day School on the “DDD Foundation” facebook page, as well as on the walls of the office. Yasher koach Tova Leah Eidex!


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