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Andrea Hershatter

Atlanta is chock full of interesting movers and shakers. Lean in to hear some off-the-cuff remarks about what makes Andrea Hershatter tick.

After 35 years with the Atlanta newspapers, Marcia currently serves as Retail VP for the Buckhead Business Association, where she delivers news and trends (laced with a little gossip).

Atlanta is chock full of interesting movers and shakers, some bent on creativity, empire building, activism, and in this case, academics. Lean in to hear some off-the-cuff remarks about what makes Andrea Hershatter tick.

Hershatter has called Emory University home for more than 30 years. In her role as senior associate dean at the Goizueta Business School, she directs the highly ranked undergraduate business program. She also teaches entrepreneurship and is an expert on innovation and generational differences.

Her awards include being a GoBeyond Goizueta 100th honoree and recipient of the Outstanding Staff Impact Award for the most significant contributions to the school’s success, the Emory Williams Distinguished Teaching Award and the Don Keough Award for Excellence.

Hershatter serves on the boards of directors for the Atlanta Speech School and Campus Movie Fest, the largest student film festival.

In her spare time, she is an avid runner who completed her 34th Peachtree Road race in July. She is married to Bruce Hershatter, a radiation oncologist at Emory Saint Joseph’s Hospital, and they are the proud parents of two successfully launched children, both of whom live in the Old Fourth Ward.

She comments on the preparedness of today’s college students as well as why she still dotes on Bruce Springsteen after all these years. Get to know her better right here.

Last time I was moved to tears …

Professionally, the last time was in May during graduation. Our faculty speaker, Allison Burdette, gave a wonderful speech about how the love and enthusiasm of family members is what carries our graduates across the finish line. I have heard this story before, and I pretty much started crying in anticipation after the first sentence.

My most exotic vacation was …

Biking in Europe. My husband Bruce and I have actually done this six times, biking for a week each through the back roads of Provence, Tuscany, Sicily, and Ireland. My favorite trip is always the one I’m on and the one we’re planning to take next!

My celebrity crush is …

I hate to be so predictable, but the truth is Bruce Springsteen. In high school I had a bumper sticker that said, “God is alive and well and living in New Jersey.” My opinion has not changed.

My biggest pet peeve is …

Can I have three? Long lines, Atlanta traffic, and incorrect grammar.

I am currently reading …

“Educated” by Tara Westover, which is the Emory Common Read. I am very excited that the author is coming to our campus in September.

My kids would say I …

Answer emails for a living. They are not entirely incorrect.

I think college students today versus 20 years ago are …

Better prepared, more focused, and more accomplished, but also much more anxious about making all the right choices. I empathize with them; previous generations felt less pressure and were under far less public scrutiny.

What advice would you give a 20-year-old Andrea?

Marry that guy you have been hanging out with! Fortunately, I did.

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