An Investment in 70 Years of Extraordinary Achievement
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An Investment in 70 Years of Extraordinary Achievement

Brad Young is the executive director for the Southeast regional office of Israel Bonds.

Brad Young is the executive director for the Southeast regional office of Israel Bonds in Buckhead.

Seventy years ago, David Ben-Gurion spoke six words that electrified the world: “The State of Israel has arisen.” Three years later, Ben-Gurion made another dramatic announcement: Israel Bonds, his initiative for a global economic partnership with Israel, had officially launched.

A defining moment in Israel’s history, the creation of Israel Bonds meant the interconnected destinies of the Jewish state and the Jewish people had forever changed. Together, they would build the reborn Jewish nation.

As the Bonds enterprise spread throughout the world, Israel Bonds were viewed as value-added securities – significant acquisitions for financial portfolios and direct investments in a land of unprecedented achievement. This Rosh Hashanah, join in the renewal of the Jewish Homeland; invest in Israel bonds.

The Israel factor

Israel Bonds represent a personal stake in a nation that has unfailingly adhered to its biblical mandate to be “a light unto the nations.” Over the course of seven decades, Israel has surmounted unprecedented challenge and adversity to:

  • Cement its stature as a widely-admired innovator of high-tech, greentech and biotech
  • Conquer the desert, turning an arid region into a flourishing agricultural center
  • Absorb over 1 million immigrants from nearly 100 countries
  • Produce 12 Nobel Prize laureates
  • Unfailingly dispatch heroic first responders throughout the world to provide critical assistance in times of crisis

Building a strong economy

Since 1951, Israel Bonds has secured over $41 billion in worldwide sales, funds invested not only by the Diaspora community, but also by institutional investors entrusted with the highest level of fiduciary responsibility.

Resources generated through the sale of Israel Bonds have been a cornerstone of one of Israel’s most outstanding achievements – building a strong, resilient economy. Israel’s Gross Domestic Product growth is projected to continue exceeding the European Union average, and the consistent decrease in its debt-to-GDP ratio currently ranks among the world’s best.

Ratings agencies, too, have taken notice. In August, Standard & Poor’s assigned Israel its highest-ever credit rating, with an upgrade to AA- (Israel bonds are not rated).

Innovation nation

Seventy years ago, Israel’s most famous product was the Jaffa orange. Today, Israel is globally renowned for game-changing technology, evidenced by its top-10 ranking in the 2018 Bloomberg Innovation Index.

Over 300 multinational companies have built R&D centers in Israel, and there are thousands of startups throughout the country turning last year’s science fiction into this year’s reality. Israeli tech companies raised $1.61 billion in 170 deals in second quarter of 2018.

Praise for the bonds enterprise

During an August 23 visit to Israel Bonds national headquarters in New York, Israeli Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon emphasized, “We need Israel Bonds,” which he called “Israel’s connection to the Jewish people and the global economy.”

He stated, “Thank you for the job you do, and will continue to do, for the State of Israel.”

Finance Ministry Director General Shai Babad, also at the meeting, added, “The fact that you get Jews from all over the world to commit to Israel is the major story. This is the virtue of Israel Bonds.”

And Warren Buffett, the world’s most famous investor, declared at an Israel Bonds event in Omaha – his third with Bonds in just 18 months – “I’ve lived through Israel’s entire 70-year history and I believe it is one of the most remarkable countries in the world.” He emphasized, “I’m delighted to own Israel Bonds.”

As we embark on the year 5779, L’Shana tova, may it be a year of health and prosperity and a year of peace for Israel.

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