Aaron Alembik, 83, of Atlanta

Aaron Alembik, 83, of Atlanta

CandleAaron Alembik 83, prominent Atlanta Attorney passed away in his sleep at home with his wife of 53 years, son Gary and partner Steven on Thurs., Nov. 7, 2013.

Judy and Aaron were an inseparable couple. You never saw one without the other. Aaron was born in Mont St. Martin France on Sept. 28, 1930. His parents had moved from Poland to France in the 1930s. With the massing of the German Army behind the Maginot line, the family was moved by the French government to a town called Longwy in the Bordeaux Region of France.

The family moved onto the property of a wealthy woman, by the name of Madame Sudre.  She owned a beautiful Chateau. Aaron’s father was the caretaker for the property until he was arrested by the Germans and was placed in a concentration camp. The family remained on the property and lived in the barn with no facilities or running water. Aaron’s mother cooked in the fireplace.

Aaron and his sister Ida were enrolled in a French government-run boarding school. They were able to ride their bikes to school and return home on the weekends. Aaron found out that the headmaster of his school was the head of the underground. Reprisals were more sudden and terrifying. Aaron became the head of the household. At times there was little to eat. No one complained because they knew in the large cities there was starvation. The harsh life of an occupied land continued.

The people in the village of Longwy knew a Jewish family was living there, but no one said anything. The village priest and Mayor would go by the barn and visit with the family sometimes bringing food. After the war ended Aaron, Michael and their parents were brought to Columbus, Ga., by the Gerson family. Aaron’s sister had to remain in Paris. She had just turned 18 and needed a separate passport.

In Columbus, Aaron learned to speak English and took odd jobs to help the family. The family moved to Portsmouth, Va. where Aaron attended the William and Mary College extension. He then transferred to Georgetown University in Washington, D.C.  He lived at the Hillel House with some new friends. He worked numerous jobs to pay his tuition.  Aaron graduated Cum Laude from Georgetown and then attended the George Washington School of Law, while also working several jobs to pay his tuition. He again graduated Cum Laude.

He remained with his friends at the Hillel house while attending law school and they remained friends for over 50 years. He took the Virginia Bar Exam before graduating from law school and passed. His first job was in Portsmouth with the firm of Bangel, Bangel and Bangel.  Aaron then decided to move to Atlanta where he obtained a job with the Law firm of Arnall, Golden and Gregory. In June 1960, Aaron married Judy and decided to open his own practice.

He joined with the Honorable Arnold Shulman to form the firm of Shulman and Alembik. Judy attended Law School, passed the Bar and joined Aaron and they formed their own firm known as Alembik and Alembik. Aaron had a very successful real estate practice and Judy had a very successful family law practice.

Aaron is survived by his wife Judy; his sister Ida, who lives in Tel Aviv; a son Marc, a Medical Doctor in Virginia and Gary a lawyer and judge in Atlanta. Gary has maintained the Alembik and Alembik Firm. Funeral services were held at H. M. Patterson & Son Arlington Chapel, 173 Allen Road, NE, Sandy Springs on Sun., Nov. 10 at  2 p.m. with Rabbi Neil Sandler officiating. Interment followed at Arlington Memorial Park. Donations in Aaron’s memory may be made to any of the Jewish Day Schools of your choice.  Shiva will take place at the home of Judith and Aaron.

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