A WISH Against Infertility

A WISH Against Infertility

While the Jewish Fertility Foundation offers financial help for Jewish couples facing fertility issues, the Wo/Men’s Infertility Support Havurah provides emotional and educational support.

WISH Atlanta hosts monthly meetings that feature speakers on medical and legal issues, such as adoption and surrogacy, followed by conversations led by professional facilitators Jana Glass and Kerri Golding among people struggling with fertility issues and people who built families despite such issues.

In addition to providing a safe place for advice and empathy one a month, WISH keeps a physical resource library and other information at www.wishatlanta.org.

“Medically, legally and socially, there is so much for intended parents to learn. We are blessed to live in a time and place which presents a wide array of options, but each is complex and hard to navigate,” said WISH committee member Lynn Goldman, a lawyer specializing in adoption and surrogacy. “WISH provides critical intelligence for the community.”

The topic for WISH’s fourth meeting — set for Thursday night from 7 to 9 at Temple Sinai, 5645 Dupree Drive, Sandy Springs — is “Handling the Holidays: What to Do and Say to Get Through the Season.” Meetings are free.

The forthcoming schedule:

  • Jan. 14 — “Jewish Perspectives on Infertility” with Rabbis Elana Perry of Temple Sinai and Analia Bortz of Congregation Or Hadash.
  • Feb. 18 — “Marriage: Hot Monogamy in Times of Stress.”
  • March 10 — “Self-Care: Don’t Be Your Own Bully.”
  • April 21 — “Third Party Reproduction: When It Takes Three to Tango.”
  • May 26 — “Adoption and Foster Parenting.”
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