A Passover Message from Meliss Jakubovic

A Passover Message from Meliss Jakubovic

The practice of dishonesty and not expressing what we truly feel is what enslaves us.

In addition to being the Israeli folk dance guru of Atlanta, I run a successful online marketing agency.

Being on social media daily has given me insight into how people effectively use these platforms to journal about their lives, inspire others, and cultivate business relationships. But I’ve also seen the ugly truth. On social media, most people cultivate an image of what they think the world should see.

That practice, of dishonesty and not expressing what we truly feel, is what enslaves us.

By openly discussing our hardships, we are peeling back the curtain that others hide behind.

Honesty and vulnerability are freeing, not just for those of us speaking our truth but for the people hearing our words. So often, we think of ourselves as alone in our pain, so we lock it inside. By freeing our truth, we liberate ourselves and others, because we highlight the things that many of us are feeling but are too afraid to say.

Sharing my story has changed my life and business. People who didn’t know me before suddenly had a clearer picture of who I am and could relate to my stories. They saw that it’s safe, comforting, and empowering to open up.

On this Passover, I encourage you to step outside your comfort zone and free your truth. Finally say the “thank you,” “I’m sorry,” or “I love you” you’ve been too afraid to put out there. Be bold and share a story that will inspire others. You will gain support from eyes you never knew were watching.

Meliss Jakubovic is an Israeli folk dancing instructor and choreographer.

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