A New Year Ahead
OpinionRosh Hashanah 5779

A New Year Ahead

Rabbi Moshe Druin is head of school at Chaya Mushka Children's House day school.

Rabbi Moshe Druin
Rabbi Moshe Druin

A New Year is a concept that exists in many cultures and traditions. Society decides to mark a day on which a new year begins. However, the reality is that it is just another day like the preceding or the next day.

The question one may ask is, what about our Rosh Hashanah? Is our Rosh Hashanah just another day? It is true that it is the anniversary of the creation of man, but that happened 5779 years ago. So, what is the importance of this day?

An explanation given in Chassidus, based on the Kabbalah, is that Hashem sends a new light, a new energy force, to revitalize the world. Therefore, this is not just a figurative concept. It is not just an anniversary of the creation of man. Rather, it is indeed a New Year. A year with a brand-new life force and energy from Hashem. It is a New year that has never existed before.

At Chaya Mushka Children’s House school, we just started our new year, like all other schools. However, to us, this is not just another new school year. Rather, it is indeed a completely brand-new school year. The reason for this is that we have been blessed to move into a new magnificent campus. For all our students, parents, and staff, this new school year is one where you feel a renewed energy every time you walk into our new building.

I pray that we all find this New Year filled with opportunities, blessings, and brand-new energy so that we can continue to grow from strength to strength.

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