A Fresh Start for Happiness and Growth

A Fresh Start for Happiness and Growth

By David Abusch-Magder | The Epstein School Head of School

A Fresh Start for Happiness and Growth 1
David Abusch-Magder

Each year as fall arrives and the High Holidays approach, there is a feeling of renewal as the Jewish year begins. As we celebrate Rosh Hashanah with family, friends, wonderful food, song, prayer and blowing of the shofar, we also remember that this is a time for renewing our commitment to better ourselves and improve our relationships.

As we exclaim, “Shana tova u’metuka,” let this also be a call to us to remember the importance and benefits of focusing on improving our health, increasing our happiness and joy through bettering our relationships, learning something new or expanding what we already know, and enhancing lives through professional and personal growth. As people, we are happy and excited for the all the future holds and promises but must also remember to reflect and commit to growth.

After we say the blessing and enjoy spending time around the table with our loved ones, eating apples with honey, pomegranates, and a delicious, freshly baked loaf of challah, let us all focus on what we can do to better ourselves, our local and global community, and the world around us.

Can you imagine how wonderful it would be and what an impact we could make if everyone in the world did this and then committed to a course of action?

As a new member of the Atlanta community, I look forward to growing personally and professionally with all of you. This year I am sure will be full of exciting firsts for me and for our school.

During this season, we often have a chance to reflect on visions of what a more perfect world might look like. I wish for each of you success in striving toward that vision and hope you have a meaningful and enjoyable High Holiday season. Shana tova u’metuka — a happy and sweet new year!

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