$5K in Play for Beth Jacob, Boston Rival
Super BowlFundraising Challenge

$5K in Play for Beth Jacob, Boston Rival

Toco Hills shul has until kickoff to raise $12,500, then wins if the Falcons win.

Atlanta has a lot riding on Super Bowl LI on Sunday, when the Falcons and owner Arthur Blank will try to become NFL champions for the first time. Now you can add $5,000 for Congregation Beth Jacob to the stakes.

At noon Thursday, Beth Jacob went live with a fundraising challenge against JPULSE, a Jewish outreach organization in Boston. The contest is simple: A donor has put up $5,000, to be given to the organization in the winning team’s hometown.

So if the Falcons triumph, so does Beth Jacob — specifically, the needy in Atlanta who benefit from shul programs targeted to them. If the unthinkable happens and the New England Patriots deflate Atlanta’s dreams by squeaking out a win, JPULSE gets the cash.

The catch: Beth Jacob and JPULSE have to raise $12,500 each before Sunday’s 6:30 p.m. kickoff, or the bet is off. You can be part of the winning team by donating at this Jewcer crowdfunding site.

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