40 Under 40: Brandon Goldberg
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40 Under 40: Brandon Goldberg

Brandon Goldberg, 34, is an enforcement attorney for the Federal Aviation Administration.

Brandon Goldberg is an enforcement attorney for the Federal Aviation Administration. He is a graduate of Cornell University and the Emory University School of Law.

“I think like many lawyers, I was originally considering medicine, but as I was studying science and not enjoying it, I was watching 2004 presidential debates, and those political discussions really did interest me,” he said.

Goldberg is also the co-chair of ACCESS in Atlanta, the AJC’s young professionals’ division. In this role, he leads an expansive group, engaging in dialogue with young professionals from various religious, ethnic, racial and international communities. He also represents Atlanta on the ACCESS Global Steering Committee.

“I love being involved in the community. People tend to look at my calendar and are amazed. I don’t usually go home after work,” he joked. “I’m usually off to some meeting or event. That really is my passion and my hobby.”

In addition to his service to ACCESS, Goldberg serves in leadership roles for numerous community organizations, including professional associations, political groups and alumni clubs.

“Atlanta is a burgeoning global city, and it is important now more than ever for the Jewish community to participate in engagement, discussion and coordination with the greater Atlanta community to ensure our city’s legacy of civil rights continues to pave the way forward.”

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