2016 AKC Passover Guide

2016 AKC Passover Guide

The following information is based on the kosher-for-Passover guidance offered in this year’s holiday guide from the Atlanta Kashruth Commission and Rabbi Reuven Stein.

Stock Up on Essentials

These groceries and specialty stores will sell you so much more than matzah:2016 AKC Passover Guide 1

  • The Spicy Peach, 404-334-7200.
  • The Kosher Gourmet, 404-636-1114.
  • Kroger Toco Hills, which has a Passover store within a store near the front, 404-633-8694.
  • Publix Toco Hills, which places special Passover products near the front, 404-638-6022.
  • Other Kroger and Publix stores in the area also have special Passover sections.

Be on the Lookout

  • Joyva and Irene’s products, even with the Pesach certifications they have, are not recommended.
  • Even though some produce may have a wax coating, the AKC policy is that it can be used without peeling.
  • Double-check labels. Many Pesach brands have similar year-round products which are not kosher for Pe­sach. These products can get mixed up on the shelves.
  • Not all wines are kosher for Pass­over. Some companies produce the same types of wines for Pesach and not for Pesach (e.g. Manishewitz). The bottles look almost identical.
  • Items such as raisins & dried fruits should have reliable supervision for Pesach.
  • The following medicinal ingredi­ents are not kosher for Pesach: Avina Sativa, Beta Glucan, Prolamine, Secale, Sodium Lauroyl Oat Amino Acids, and Triticum Vulgare.
  • After Pesach, one may not eat chametz that was in the possession of a Jew who did not sell it according to Jewish Law.
  • There are some matzohs and wine that are KFP but should not be used for the Seder. Some gluten free mat­zohs are made from tapioca starch not flour. Some wines are made from berries not grapes. One does not make a hamotzi or hagafen on these products.

Passover Shopping Guide

The following items can be purchased from the regular supermarket section

Baby Food and Formula

The following baby foods and formulas are not certified kosher for Passover but are acceptable for infants or those who are ill.

Baby Food – Gerber carrots, green beans, peas

Formula – Similac, Enfamil, Isomil

Baking Soda

Bottled Water

Brown Sugar – Domino

Chili Peppers – dried without additives

Dairy — acceptable only with the OUP mark are Breakstone sour cream, butter and cottage cheese as well as Kroger cream cheese and Publix heavy cream

Eggspreferably purchased before Pesach as well as Kroger break-free liquid egg whites marked with an OUP.

Fishfrozen fish may be used if washed.

Frozen fruitall frozen (some authorities require additional checking of berries for infestation), whether whole, sliced or balled, as long as unsweetened, additive-free, without added syrup, citric acid, ascorbic acid or vitamin C.

Herbal Tea – Bigelow marked with Kof-K P

Herbs – all Fresh

Juicefresh Tropicana juices with OKP marking, Kroger brand orange juice without calcium bearing plant #13-250 and the letters “AKC-P” on the inkjet of the container. Frozen 100% pure orange or white grapefruit from concentrate with no sweeteners, additives or preservatives. ReaLemon and ReaLime juices.

Nuts – raw almonds, filberts, pine nuts and walnuts without preservatives BHT or BHA. No peanuts or midget pecan pieces. Pecan pieces need a KFP.

Meats – all raw meat and poultry, excluding some ground meats and deli that require special KFP.

Milk – preferable to use Kosher for Passover (KFP) milk, but any milk may be used if purchased before Passover.

Quinoa – Ancient Harvest (White quinoa, Inca red quinoa, harmony quinoa)

Raisins – Kroger, Publix, Dole and Trader Joe’s raisins.

Salt – non-iodized

Seltzer – any unflavored

Spices – whole (ground spices require certification)

Sugar – pure white cane and turbinado

Tea – pure black, green or white (flavored, instant or decaf requires KFP)


There are many products called Kitniyos which are not eaten on Pesach by Jews of Eastern European descent.

The following are considered Kitniyos: Beans, buckwheat, caraway, cardamom, corn, fennel, fenugreek, lentils, millet, mustard, peas, chick peas, green beans, poppy seeds, rapeseed, rice, sesame seeds, soybeans (tofu), and sunflower seeds.

This year there will be a large number of kitniyos retail items available. Manischewitz has introduced a Kitni line. All products are clearly marked Ochlei Kitniyot and require acceptable certification.


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