2 Israel Exhibits to Help Businesses Celebrate
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2 Israel Exhibits to Help Businesses Celebrate

The Conexx Gala will feature displays on the history of Zionism and Israeli innovation.

Ben Gurion Airport displays “120 Years of Zionism.”
Ben Gurion Airport displays “120 Years of Zionism.”

An exhibit celebrating Zionism will make its U.S. debut at the Conexx Gala on Thursday, March 22.

Three sections of Ben Gurion Airport’s “120 Years of Zionism” exhibit will be part of the event celebrating business links between Israel and the Southeast: “Women Break New Ground,” “Israel and the Diaspora,” and “Defense and Security.”

The exhibit is the largest ever at Israel’s major airport. Overseen by artist David Harel, it includes work from several designers with hundreds of Israeli and Zionist figures at defining moments of the Israeli experience. The full version of the exhibit presents a series of photographs stretching the length of 1½ football fields to mark milestones in the history of Zionism.


Israeli developments that have influenced the world include cherry tomatoes.

Conexx also will display select works from “Israeli Discoveries and Developments That Influenced the World” in partnership with Israel’s Ministry of Science and Technology. The collection of photographs shows Israel’s achievements and its scientific, technological and human potential.

The exhibits will help Conexx open the Southeast’s celebrations of Israel’s 70th anniversary this spring.

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