18 Under 18 Honoree: Noa Lazarian
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18 Under 18 Honoree: Noa Lazarian

Jewish Atlanta 2020's 18 Under 18 Honoree: Noa Lazarian, 12, The Davis Academy

Noa is an exceptionally gracious and generous person. In addition to being an excellent student, Noa is one of the youngest people to ever be enrolled at the Centennial Aviation Academy flight school and will receive her pilot’s license before her driver’s license. She is also a 12-year-old black belt who trained tirelessly to complete the belt in Taekwondo. Noa founded the organization Lazarian Girls: Do Good Be Good when she was 7 years old, following the death of one of her classmates from cancer. Noa has raised over $10,000 for community nonprofits like The Packaged Good and organizes an annual toy and clothing drive to give to children in Honduras. Noa is an avid environmentalist and supports initiatives to protect the natural world, advocating recycling and repurposing. She has a particular affinity for the sea turtle.

Activities and Awards:
ATA Leadership Program, black belt in Taekwondo
Peachtree-DeKalb Airport-Centennial Aviation Academy flight school
The Davis Academy, Middle School Leadership Training Institute
Founder of Lazarian Girls “Be Good, Do Good”
Honored by the Packaged Good for her leadership

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