AJC Meets With 11 Consuls General

AJC Meets With 11 Consuls General

The American Jewish Committee wrapped up its annual diplomatic marathon with focus on organization's national agenda.

AJC Atlanta representatives meet with Mexican Consul General Javier Diaz de Leon.
AJC Atlanta representatives meet with Mexican Consul General Javier Diaz de Leon.

A luncheon program with the consuls general of France and Germany concluded the annual diplomatic marathon of American Jewish Committee’s Atlanta Regional Office on Oct. 20.

The diplomatic marathon, an AJC program that began in 1991 and that came to consulate-heavy metro Atlanta in 2011, included meetings with the top Southeastern envoys of Israel, India, Mexico, Ireland, Belgium, Greece, Japan, Switzerland and Canada in addition to France and Germany.

AJC Atlanta Regional Director Dov Wilker leads the luncheon discussion with French Consul General Louis de Corail and German Consul General Detlev Ruenger.

The Swiss and Canadian consuls general, Peter Zimmerli and Nadia Theodore, respectively, took their posts in the past four months. Indian Consul General Nagesh Singh is working with AJC Atlanta to host a Chanukah reception at the consulate in Sandy Springs for the third consecutive year.

Peter Zimmerli, who became the Swiss consul general in August, meets with AJC Atlanta members.

The diplomatic marathon in Atlanta closely followed the national organization’s meetings with global leaders who attended the opening of the U.N. General Assembly in New York.

The agenda for AJC, often referred to as the State Department of the Jewish people, included Israel’s first bid for a rotating seat on the U.N. Security Council, strategies to counter rising anti-Semitism worldwide, U.N. institutional bias against Israel, Iran’s support for terrorism and insurrection across the Middle East and its development of ballistic missiles, and extremism and radicalism around the world.

AJC Atlanta representatives meet with Atlanta’s consular corps throughout the year and participate in AJC missions to foreign nations. Recent delegations with Atlantans visited Morocco, Rwanda and Kenya, and Bahrain, Oman and the United Arab Emirates.

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