10-Day Fellowship Connects Faculty, Israel

10-Day Fellowship Connects Faculty, Israel

Applications will be due in January for the 2017 Faculty Fellowship Summer Institute in Israel, which provides 24 full-time college faculty members with a 10-day trip through and a chance to develop lifelong academic relations.

This year’s program, in late May and early June, included lectures about Israel and its history, the Holocaust, women’s rights, and research and development. Their academic exchanges included meetings with doctors trying to cure Alzheimer’s and a discussion of video game designs with a Nobel laureate in mathematics.

“I have long believed that Israel is a special place. The people, places and experiences on our trip confirmed that belief with overflow,” U.S. Naval Academy math professor David Ruth said. “Thank you to everyone, hosts and participants, for making this a journey of a lifetime.”

The program is sponsored by Jewish National Fund and Media Watch International.

Sharon Tzour, the founder and executive director of Media Watch International, said, “The beauty of Faculty Fellowship is that the relationships made during the two-week program are transformational as they become lifelong partnerships between professors in both the U.S. and Israel who are truly trying to help — inside and outside the classroom — make the world a better place and pass that information on to their students.”

Emory epidemiologist Michael Goodman is among the alumni of the program, although no Georgia universities were represented this year. The closest participants were Tuskegee University historian Lisa Bratton, Davidson College physicist Wolfgang Christian, University of Florida musicologists Jennifer Thomas and Florida Atlantic University art historian Linda Johnson.

To learn more about the program, visit www.ff2israel.org, or call Rene Reinhard at 212-879-9305, ext. 235.

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