Epstein Student Noam Friedman and her iPillow. PHOTO / The Epstein School

Epstein Student Noam Friedman and her iPillow. PHOTO / The Epstein School

Fourth-graders at the Epstein School had their annual Invention Fair on April 26. Young budding inventors displayed their creative problem-solving devices and demonstrated undeniable ingenuity and science knowledge.

For example, Noam Friedman’s iPillow allows young iPad and iPhone users – who are often on the go and traveling in their parents’ cars – the ability to multitask in comfort with the ergonomic flexibility of a pillow can provide.

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Noah Goldklang, inspired by a six-month hospitalization when he was in the third grade, created the I.V. Pole Accessories Kit to enable patients on an IV to get their needed medicine while still enjoying the freedom of walking and have at hand conveniences such as a snack, glasses or important electronic devices.

Rise & Remind, the brainchild Jonah Glenn, allows users to record a reminder message that automatically plays when the built-in alarm clock goes off. Caleb Heller designed the L-Scope, a lighted telescope, so that amateur astronomers can go stargazing with the safety of a portable light.

The Epstein School is proud of each participant and encourages all students to be independent thinkers, problem solvers and leaders for the future.